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Who We Are by Tekton Construction

Tekton Construction has been in business since 1999, when we were formed by Stahl Construction. Our professional staff of union carpenters and laborers specializes in interior demolitions, messy tenant improvements, occupied renovations, and hotel product improvement plans (PIPs).

Interior Demolition

It takes a certain skill to build things up; and it takes a certain skill to tear them down. We specialize in interior demolition work, doors, windows, partitions, flooring, ceilings, casework, cutting and patching, etc. - always taking extra care to remove only that which is supposed to be removed and leaving everything else in perfect condition. And, yes, as a good steward of the environment, we do recycle.

Special Projects

Messy Tenant Improvements
Because we perform much of the work with our own forces, we realize certain economies and efficiencies that help keep costs down. And most important, we don't consider these small, messy jobs a nuisance. This work is our bread and butter. It's what we do.
Hotel PIPs
If you want to keep up with the competition, we can be a valuable asset. Your guests will hardly even know we're there as we quietly go about our work room by room, floor by floor.

Occupied Renovations

We are at our best when working in and around occupied spaces. We know what it takes to maintain a safe and clean work environment, and minimize disruption and inconvenience.


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